Our techstack

Since Digicount works 100% digitally, we would like to explain what tools we use to take care of your accounting.
This gives you an idea about what a collaboration with Digicount would look like.

During your introductory meeting we guide you through our way of working. Afterwards, we give you all necessary login information.


Een all-in-one boekhoudplatform dat opgebouwd is uit verschillende apps. Dankzij de ingebouwde pre-accounting app leveren onze klanten snel en gemakkelijk hun documenten aan.


Self-service bookkeeping app for students and the self-employed in a secondary occupation. Still need the assistance of an accountant? As a partner of Dexxter, we are ready to assist you with all your accounting-related questions.


Using Silverfin, we prepare your annual accounts and ensure that your corporate tax return is submitted on time. The interim report is also generated using Silverfin.


Bothive is a Gent based start-up that makes AI based chatbots. A large part of client communication is made through a smart chatbot, that refers you to a Digicount colleague when necessary!