Our techstack

Since Digicount works 100% digitally, we would like to explain what tools we use to take care of your accounting.
This gives you an idea about what a collaboration with Digicount would look like.

During your introductory meeting we guide you through our way of working. Afterwards, we give you all necessary login information.

Exact online

One of the most widely used accounting packages for SMEs. Exact is a comprehensive cloud-based programme that includes many other smart automations in addition to the usual accounting processing features.


Digicount is a certified Teamleader partner. This CRM allows us to mange all client information. It's safe, easy and fast.
Our invoices are also generated from within Teamleader. Down below you will find a payment button that allows you to pay the invoice the way you want within a couple of clicks.


Self-service bookkeeping app for students and the self-employed in a secondary occupation. Still need the assistance of an accountant? As a partner of Dexxter, we are ready to assist you with all your accounting-related questions.

Coming soon: Bizantium

Bizantium is a new start-up project of Digicount. This online financial plan generator allows you to draft a strong financial plan within a couple of clicks.
With our e-signing module, an AI chatbot from Bothive and countless useful features, we establish your company in no-time.


Using Silverfin, we prepare your annual accounts and ensure that your corporate tax return is submitted on time. The interim report is also generated using Silverfin.


Bothive is a Gent based start-up that makes AI based chatbots. A large part of client communication is made through a smart chatbot, that refers you to a Digicount colleague when necessary!


Our favourite pre-accounting tool. Billit enables entrepreneurs to quickly and easily create quotations, invoices and credit notes in their own house style. By connecting your bank account to Billit, payments are automatically followed up and purchases can be paid in bulk. Billit also promotes cooperation between accountant and entrepreneur with their platform for accountants.


The companion of every self-employed person. Accountable is a self-service accounting app aimed at one-man businesses. As Accountable's partner accountant, we provide strong financial advice to their client base when needed.


We work closely with Social Secretary Securex to ensure your HR-related processes run smoothly.