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Starting from the first - free - introduction call we guide you through the process of setting up the accounting services for your company. While we take care of the administration, you can focus on what really counts.

Digicount consciously chooses for personal advisory. Through digitalisation we keep your accounting up to date and at the same time provide you with useful insights.

That's why we hope to receive all your documents digitally, as it enables us to provide you with the best possible service!


Digicount specialises in the bookkeeping of corporations. Our in-house bookkeepers are experts in processing all kinds of accounting related documents and work proactively to optimise your accounting.

To do so, we use Odoo: an all-in-one platform that handles all aspects of accounting. For instance, there is a separate pre-accounting app, in which you can easily upload all your documents to be processed by us.

Corporations that sell services, as well as those who sell products are welcome at Digiocunt.

Digicount won't ask you any repetitive, boring questions: our bookkeepers work independently and ensure that your accounting goes as smoothly as possible!

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Sole proprietorships.

Digicount also offers a flexible solution for sole traders. By using Odoo, we make it super easy for sole traders to keep their financial records in order.

A real-time overview of your documents, uploading invoices and paying them, managing your bank accounts in one central place, ... it's all possible with Odoo.

More info? Check the Odoo website or contact us!


Digicount is the perfect partner for your digital company establishment. Our experts guide you through the process from start to finish and keep you informed in real time.
Na je oprichting openen we met een klik op de knop je boekhouddossier.

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