Streamlined compliance and financial reporting

Correct financial statements, time and again

Silverfin is the go-to software for financial reporting. Besides the (interim) financial statements, the data for your corporate tax return comes from our cloud environment. Thanks to the integration with Exact online, all your invoices automatically flow into Silverfin. This way, Silverfin's data is always up to date and we can produce correct annual accounts time and time again.

"Connected accountants"

"Silverfin is the accounting platform on which forward-thinking firms like yours build their cloud accounting strategy.
We call them connected accountants."

What does it mean to be a connected accountant?





The combination of these 4 pillars ensures that we have a comprehensive overview of all your available data,
both historical and live.

Fullsight - ensures that all our customer data is in one secure place
Hindsight - is used for compliance and reporting and ensures that our workflows are handled in a super-fast manner
Insight - provides insights into the reports produced with Hindsight
Foresight - makes monitoring risks in the future child's play

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