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Digicount is the perfect partner for your digital company establishment. Our experts guide you through the process from start to finish and keep you informed in real time.

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The problem.

Setting up a company involves various legal and administrative obligations. You will come into contact with many parties who will need information from you and from each other. This back-and-forth discussion quickly creates friction that hinders your path to entrepreneurship.

Our solution.

Digicount is the single point of contact during your establishment. We ask you to provide all the necessary information once and then make sure that it makes its way to the right place. Through our digital way of working you are always up to date about what is happening behind the scenes. We also offer the possibility to carry out the incorporation with the help of a digital power of attorney. In doing so, we ensure a 100% digital establishment, which saves you time and money.

Want to find out how it works? Check out our step by step guide!

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Why Digicount?


Your incorporation is 100% digital. You will receive updates on what the next steps are.


Our team is there for you. After an intake interview we will help you on your way.


After incorporation, you can opt to open your accounting file at Digicount.

Quick and efficient

An establishment takes 7 working days on average. Get started in no time!

Step by step


Vul eerst onze vragenlijst in

De eerste stap naar het ondernemerschap!
Ter voorbereiding van het onboardingsgesprek bezorgen we jou een vragenlijst. We krijgen hiermee een eerste indruk van de onderneming die je wil oprichten, en wijzen je toe aan een van onze experts.


Onboarding meeting

During this call we get to know each other better. By doing so, we find out what your expectations are and how we can meet them.


Digital establishment

Your digital establishment is now in progress: your information will be forwarded to the parties involved and all legal documents are prepared.

When you receive your company number, your establishment is officially complete. Let's get started!
Digicount continues to support you after your establishment: you can rely on us for accounting or consulting services.

  • Digital establishment express


    Starting from

    • Strong financial plan

    • Composition assignment, deed of incorporation, ...

    • Filing at the notary

    • Affiliation with social secretariat

    • CBE registration

    *Excluding notary fees and legal publication costs