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As a starting entrepreneur, you have a lot on your mind. Finding the right premises, raising start-up capital, building your client portfolio and so much more. Insuring your business against financial risks is also one of these important aspects, since it can bring you peace of mind.

Digicount tries to be the partner you can rely on as an entrepreneur, for all your professional matters. To make sure that we practice what we preach, we have entered into a partnership with the largest insurance broker in Belgium: Vanbreda Risk & Benefits. They will cover the insurance pillar for our clients.

Within Vanbreda, a department focuses specifically on consultants and start-ups to assist them with expertise and risk advice. As a result, you can enjoy competitive rates and comprehensive conditions tailored to your activity.

A perfect start

Every year, thousands of entrepreneurs start their dream business with high spirits. To start off as a healthy business, it is important to properly identify the risks you and your business face. A secure and sustainable foundation is the start of your success story.

Getting an insurance audit done by a professional partner experienced in your field can be highly valuable in building your business.

Some crucial areas of insurance

These insurances make a world of difference to a start-up's peace of mind:

  • Professional liability: This insurance reimburses damages resulting from intellectual error in the course of professional activity. The damages are of a purely contractual nature. Among others, this insurance applies to IT and business consultants, lawyers, translators, HR managers, doctors and other professions where the main focus is on intellectual performance. An indispensable insurance for these professional sectors.
  • Occupational accidents: This insurance is obligated by law for your staff and must be taken out before hiring someone. The policy covers workplace accidents happening to an employee during and through the performance of their employment contract resulting in personal injury.
  • Guaranteed income: you should be aware that the intervention by the government is not the same for the self-employed as for salaried employees. If you become incapacitated, you can suffer wage loss of up to 74% if you do not protect yourself against this. With an insurance guaranteed income you can keep as much as 80% of your salary in case of disability. However, there is a minimum waiting period of 30 days that you have to observe before this comes into effect.
  • Bestuurder: By opting for guaranteed income and death cover, you are financially securing yourself and your family members. An additional option is pension build-up: an interesting tax deduction with IPT (Individuele Pensioentoezegging) and VAPZ (Vrij Aanvullend Pensioen Zelfstandigen), since the current statutory pension for the self-employed is often insufficient to maintain living standards after retirement.
  • Mobility: A company car is a fringe benefit you can take for yourself as a self-employed person or make available to your employees. Insuring the company car alone is not always sufficient. Additional cover may be needed for drivers, transported work materials and the transport of goods (CMR).


Want to know more?

Would you like to protect yourself in the best possible way? Do you need additional insurance advice to get started?
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